Access the program


Identifying the main interface


Create a new design

      Identify your client in 2020

      Saving designs

      Switch items


Draw walls

      Best practices for drawing walls

      Modifying walls in Wall Properties

      Add an Island / Construction line


Add elevation area


Add openings & obstacles

      To add a window or door

      Assign a default window / door


Placing items

      Placing items fundamentals

      Placing items with placement tools

      Setting plan dimension preferences

      Placing end panels

      Placing fillers

      Placing back panels

      Adding a sink or cook top


Edit items

      Centering items

      Replace items feature

      Up / Down & In / Out

      Rotating items

      Move options

Adding notes


Determining dimensions


Custom cabinets


Adding accessories and modifications


Draw / Edit countertops

      Using the countertop wizard

      Multi-level bar tops

      Modifying countertops

      Countertop display settings

      The quick countertop design option



      Adding moldings and toe kicks

      Stacking moldings


Produce a rendering

      Rendering front views of walls

      Rendering a top view

      Isometric renderings

      Perspective renderings

      Send to room viewer


Save to idea center


Produce a quote

      Assign door styles & price levels

      Reports on design


Send to Live Order

Access to www.2020.net

Installing Catalogs